Obus is excited to share with you our customer loyalty program Obus Collect Club. The Obus journey has been full of the most wonderful adventures and escapades and we have all of our travelling companions to thank for it.

All Obus Collect Club members receive a $50 voucher for every $1000 they spend at Obus. This is our way of saying thanks... The journey would not have been possible without you!

Login or create a Collect Rewards account here. (Please use the same email address you have previously used with us)

The program works on a points system, so for every $1 you spend, you will receive 1 point.

Whilst your points are accumulating you will also receive many other Obus goodies such as
- Personal invitations to great Obus events throughout the year
- Preview VIP sales and exclusive promo alert
- Additional special services; which may include private styling sessions

Be sure to let your lovely Obus lady at the counter know that you are a part of the program, so all of your purchases go into the system and your points keep growing! Once you have signed up to our Collect Club you will also be signed up to our mailing list!

Thank you for being  a part of the Obus Collect Club. 
We are so happy to have you on board!