As we head into the warmer months, creative and blogger, Connie, shares her favourite veggies to plant this summer and how you can get started in the garden!

How did you get started in permaculture?

I’ve always been interested in permaculture and the idea of learning from nature and applying nature’s wisdom in creating a more sustainable way of living. Last year, I decided to undergo formal training and completed my PDC and got my Permaculture Design Certificate which is an internationally recognised certificate that allows you to work as a permaculturist or teach permaculture!

Can you recommend some good resources for anyone wanting to start their own permaculture journey?

A wonderful movie that recently came out which shares plenty of permaculture principles in an accessible format is The Big Little Farm.

Retrosuburbia is also a recent book that was published by David Holmgren, one of the co-originators of permaculture. 

For formal training, look for a PDC near you! The Permaculture design system originated in Australia actually so we probably have a great number of opportunities to pursue this here locally!

Connie Caro in her dog with her dog

What are the essentials to be planting this Summer?

Here are some essentials and easy to grow things to try out:
  • beans: super fun to grow - there are climbing varieties which will need vertical support as well as bush varieties which well, grow in a bush!

  • beetroot: grow these from seeds (though I’ve also grown from seedlings and they were fine). Enjoy the greens whilst they’re growing then harvest the root once big enough!

  • capsicum: pick up a seedling or two for all your summer pizzas and more. You can grow these in large pots too.

  • corn: sweet corn is super easy to grow and grows really fast! Plant your corn crop together in a group to aid in pollination - do NOT plant all your corn seedlings separate and in different spots or you may not get corn.

  • chilli: try jalapeño for your pizzas! Or the many other varieties out there which I haven’t tried because I can’t do much above a jalapeño! You can grow these in large pots too.

  • cucumber: grows as a vine, have ready something to support it!

  • eggplant: pick up a seedling or two to save time germinating them. You can grow these in large pots too.

  • potato: plant in a separate, dedicated patch or potato bag (will share a tutorial soon!). Harvest when the plant dies down in autumn.

  • pumpkin: super easy to grow but warning, pumpkin plants grow large and can take up metres and metres worth of space so only grow this if you have lots of space.

  • silverbeet / rainbow chard: one of the easiest greens to grow.

  • spring onion: plant the ends/roots from a grocery store bunch and watch them grow new shoots. So easy.

  • strawberries: any and all varieties! You can never have enough strawberry plants. Buy these as seedlings not seeds as strawberries are commonly propagated and planted as runners (which are baby seedlings that grow from the mother plant). Exception: alpine strawberries don’t produce runners!

  • summer herbs: try sweet basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, mint, lemon balm - so many options!

  • tomatoes: try cherry tomatoes, they’re prolific and grow like a vine.

  • watermelon: try sugar baby watermelon - they’re a mini watermelon variety that are good for single servings.

Sounds delicious! Speaking of food, which three empowering females you would love to share a meal with and why?

Michelle Obama - I read her book Becoming and was so inspired by her story and all the amazing work she does for the community. She’s an inspiration to so many.

Jacinda Ardern - she is such an empathetic prime minister and her leadership and being able to balance being prime minister as well as her family commitments has been super inspiring.

Millie from Gardening Australia - I love her segments on TV and are always inspired by her creative upcycles & garden projects. She inspires me to get things done in our garden.

What brings you joy-big or small?

  1. Growing food and sharing it with loved ones! 
  2. The smell of fresh air! 
  3. Spending time with my partner Tom & papillon Toro :) 

Connie Cao in her garden with her dog Toro.


Connie Cao is a Melbourne based travel, lifestyle, home & sustainable living blogger, influencer, photographer & creative. Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, with a Chinese heritage, Connie has always been fascinated with art, nature and the beauty of both these things.

For more information about gardening, permaculture and how to grow some of the above summer veggies, visit her blog over at Connie & Luna.

Instagram: @connieandluna

Connie wears Obus Small Wonders Maxi Dress. Images courtesy of Connie Cao.



October 23, 2020