Obus is committed to making clothes that you’ll treasure for years to come. To ensure your garment maintains its shape, vibrancy and wearability, have a read of our care advice below.

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For best results, use a mild liquid product designed for hand washable or delicate garments. Avoid products containing eucalyptus, bleach or colour brighteners as this may damage the fabric or print. Make sure the detergent is completely dissolved in water. Immerse the garment and gently wash. Never rub, wring or soak garments. Rinse the garment thoroughly in cool water.

Some fabrics, such as Viscose crepe, will appear to shrink when washed. We recommend a gentle press or steam on low temperature on the reverse side to resume size and shape of the garment.


For best results, please use a gentle machine cycle. Follow the directions on your laundry detergent, but avoid products containing Eucalyptus, bleach or colour brighteners as this may damage the fabric or print. Cool rinse well and use a gentle spin cycle. If the label states "Drip Dry" then remove the garment before the spin cycle.


Certain fabrics or special tailoring may be Dry Clean Only.

For best results, point out any specific marks or stains and be sure to give your trusted dry cleaner the care label if you have removed it. For stain removal, a dry cleaner will need to know the nature of the stain and the length of time it has been in the fabric.

Note: certain Obus garments will be labelled 'Do Not Dry Clean'.

We very rarely recommend using a tumble dryer for your garment. However, if we do, your care label will state 'May Be Tumble Dried'.


For the best results, treat stains immediately. Never store garments with stains.

Do not rub stained areas as doing so may cause fabric damage and pilling. Blot gently from the outside of the stain toward the centre, with a spot cleaner recommended for the type of stain. Test spot cleaners on an inconspicuous area of the garment. Water may set stains in some fabrics so if you are unsure as to the treatment do not use water, instead seek professional help from your local drycleaner.

Items made of Tencel may be spot cleaned by applying a small amount of baby powder to the affected area and leaving overnight, before vacuuming off.

Please refer to your garment care label, as some fabric dyes may be damaged by spot cleaning.



Never wring garments. To remove excess water, we suggest rolling the garment in a clean towel and applying gentle pressure.

Obus recommends garments are drip-dried in shade. Direct sunlight may fade and age your garment prematurely. After removing excess water, hang your garment inside out on a soft coat hanger, or lay it flat to avoid stretching and peg marks. To dry your garment flat, gently pushing it into shape on a flat surface with a clean towel underneath.


Please note, different fabrics require different ironing and pressing temperatures.

We recommend pressing dark coloured fabrics on the wrong side or using a pressing cloth.

If your garment appears to have shrunk after washing, we recommend a gentle press or steam on the reverse side before gently reshaping the garment.

Garments with surface effects or embroidery should be pressed on the reverse side. Beading and sequins should not be pressed as doing so may cause damage. Laces and trims should be pressed using a pressing cloth.


If you decide to remove the care label from your garment, please retain it in a safe place for reference.

Obus recommends allowing deodorants and perfumes to dry completely before putting on your garment.

Matching garments should be laundered together to avoid colour variations occurring.


Certain knitwear yarns naturally pill and ball after the first few wears. A gentle brush with a de-pillar will help the fibers to smooth and reduce balling over time.


Gently clean jewellery with a soft cloth to remove perfumes, oils and acids transferred from the skin during wear. Avoid the use of abrasive detergents, ammonia, alcohol or jewellery cleaners. Store in a dry place. Do not wear while swimming or in the shower. Store pieces in the packaging provided and avoid storing with other items that may scratch or damage your item.


We recommend applying an appropriate protector to new footwear before the first wear. For longevity, re-apply once a month. 

WINTER BOOTS - Spray leather shoes with waterproofer before wear & repeat monthly to protect and repel liquid, stains and dirt. Polish monthly and clean when necessary with a leather conditioner and soft rag to remove any dirt accumulated on your travels. We suggest TOPY be applied to the soles of your boots to help them last as long as possible. 


We recommend rinsing your swimwear in cold, fresh water after every use to avoid damage to the fabric by salt, sand and pool chemicals.