Obus Travel Club

The OBUS TRAVEL CLUB is our loyalty program that offers you rewards as you shop, including points to redeem on future purchases, birthday treats and curated gift boxes.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and the Obus Travel Club is our way of saying thanks.

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Earn and Redeem points

It's easy to earn and redeem Obus Travel Club points.

As a Travel Club member you earn 1 point for every AU$‌1* you spend. You can also earn points for following us on social, sharing us with your friends and reviewing your Obus goodies.

The more you shop with us, the greater the rewards.

Ways to Earn Points

Create an Account

Earn 120 points for creating an account - so that you can start earning straight away.

Shop with us

Earn 1 point for every $1* you spend at Obus, both online and instore.

Follow us on Instagram

Earn 20 points for following us on the ‘gram. You’ll love our try-ons too!

Like and share us on Facebook

Earn 20 points for Liking our page and sharing Obus with your friends on Facebook.

Review your Obus goodies

Earn 20 points for Liking our page and sharing Obus with your friends on Facebook.

Celebrate your birthday with us

Receive an annual birthday bonus - our little treat from us to you.

Ways to Redeem Points


Receive $10 discount coupon when you earn 200 Points


Receive $20 discount coupon when you earn 400 Points


Receive $50 discount coupon when you earn 1000 Points

Obus Travel Club Membership Levels

All points are accrued each calendar year (Jan - Dec) and rewards can be redeemed the following year.Currently available for AU customers only.


Up to $499 spend per calendar year

As an Wanderer you receive:

1 Reward point for every $1* spent

Complimentary Delivery for purchases over $100


$500 - $1999 spend per calendar year

As an Explorer you receive:

1 Reward point for every $1* spent

$30 Birthday Gift Voucher (for min. $250 spend)

Complimentary Delivery for purchases over $100

Explorer Gift Box curated just for you

Exclusive Member Giveaways


$2000 - $3999 spend per calendar year

As an Adventurer you receive:

1 Reward point for every $1* spent

$30 Birthday Gift Voucher (for min. $250 spend)

Free Shipping for all purchases

Free Returns for purchases over $150

Adventurer Gift Box curated just for you

Exclusive Member Giveaways

Invitations to events


$4000+ spend per calendar year

As a Voyager you receive:

1 Reward point for every $1* spent

$30 Birthday Gift Voucher (for min. $250 spend)

Complimentary Express Shipping for all purchases

Complimentary Returns for all purchases

Voyager Gift Box curated just for you

Exclusive Member Giveaways (Automatical entry)

Early Bird Invitations to events

Early Access to selected Sales + New Arrivals

*Exludes GST

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

To join Obus Travel Club, just create an Obus account via https://obus.com.au/account/register - no purchase is necessary!

If you regularly shop with us - just Log in as usual, and click ‘My Obus Travel Club Points’ from your Account dashboard or the ‘Obus Travel Club’ popup at the bottom of on any screen to access all the new benefits!

If you previously had an Obus Collect account, all of your points have been transferred over to the Obus Travel Club for you. Log in to see your points balance, earn points, redeem rewards (and discover the extra perks you receive as you move up each Membership level). Enjoy!

How do I earn points?

You can earn points by creating an account, shopping with us (online and instore), following us on social media, reviewing your Obus goodies and more!

To receive points for your online purchases, you MUST be signed in to your Obus account prior to Checkout.

For every AU$1 you spend (excl. GST) you receive 1 point.

If I had an Obus Collect account am I automatically a member, and what happens to the Collect Points I already have?

All points balances accrued with Obus Collect have been transferred to Obus Travel Club. You can continue to redeem 1000 points for $50 OFF reward, or choose a smaller reward sooner - it’s up to you!

My points balance seems to be incorrect?

This could be for a couple of reasons. All Collect points balances have been correctly transferred to your Obus Travel Club account.

a) If you access points via your Apple Wallet, this method of points tracking was discontinued in early 2019 and and doesn't take into account any rewards redeemed or return adjustments made between May 2019 - Oct 2020.

b) You may have more than one account which has accrued points.

This can happen if you use a specific email at Checkout, without logging in to your Obus account prior to making a purchase. If you think this may be the case, please email enquiries@obus.com.au and we'll ensure one account is active so you can log in to earn points, redeem rewards and move up Membership Levels using one primary email address.

Will my points expire if I don’t use them?

Your points expire on a rolling 6 months basis based on your account activity. This means you keep all your points as long as you log in to make a purchase to earn/redeem points within every six month period from when you create your account (or from Oct 11, 2020 for those who were Collect Club members). For example, if you have 1000 points as of Oct 11 2020, and you log in to your account and make a purchase on December 5th 2020 earning 289 points, that means your 1289 points are now set to expire on June 5th 2021.

How long are rewards valid for?

Rewards are valid for 6 months. These can be accessed via the 'Obus Travel Club' popup when you're logged in to your account.

Click 'Ways to redeem', 'View' and 'Redeem' on the voucher you want to use. If you click 'Apply Code', we'll add it straight to the discount code field for you at Checkout!

Once you click 'Redeem', you'll also receive an email with the discount code, if you'd prefer to use it at a later time.

Do Gift Cards earn points?

When your purchase a gift card you will not earn points for the purchase. However, points will be earned by the recipient of the gift card when they go to spend it.

Can I redeem more than one reward at a time?

You cannot redeem more than one reward/discount code at a time.

However, if you are an Adventurer or Voyager Level Member you will receive your Free Shipping Perks automatically at checkout so you can redeem rewards at Checkout.

What happens to my points and rewards if I return a purchase?

For eligible returns, the item will be refunded in full or in part, and the Points earned will be deducted from your account automatically. If you entered a new Obus Travel Club Level with an order and that order is refunded, you may no longer be in that Level. If you have made a purchase using rewards, and return the purchase, the reward will not be reinstated, as all rewards are one-use only.

How do I access/change my Member information?

You must keep your personal information on your account up-to-date. Just Log in via the main menu of the website, click 'My Account' from the dropdown, and you’ll be able to update your address, review your order history and access your Obus Travel Club points and rewards. For any other changes contact us at enquiries@obus.com.au.

Fore more information view Obus Travel Club T&C's.