COLLABORATION: Obus x Beehemia beeswax food wraps

In celebration of International Women's Day, we'd like to introduce you to Dahli - an inspiring young woman who is making an impact as a social entrepreneur via her business Beehemia.

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Dahli launched Beehemia with a vision to reduce food and packaging waste in her community, as well as support Asylum Seekers through business profits and employment opportunities. (Oh, did we mention she is only in Year 8 at school?)

hand cutting


wraps in bag

With the help of her mum, Gabrielle, Dahli and her Beehemia crew hand-make their beeswax wraps using natural ingredients (which smell divine!). While profits are donated to organisations such as the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC), the venture also provides employment and skill-building opportunities for new Australians and people seeking asylum here.
Naturally, when we learned about Beehemia, we were 100% on board with supplying Dahli with linen and cotton fabrics in original Obus designs.

dahli making


holding up wraps

group shot

The limited edition Obus x Beehemia Food Wraps are now available instore and online. Now, your fresh produce, leftovers, and bring-from-home lunch can wear a little bit of Obus’ GOOD VIBRATIONS, LOTUS and LOW TIDE print too! 100% of profits from our sales of the wraps will be donated to the ASRC.
The future is bright with young women like Dahli driving change and making products that promote sustainability and social good, don't you think?
March 07, 2019 by Obus Clothing

STORE NEWS: Swap your pre-loved Obus treasures for store credit! 

We're excited to announce a new initiative that aims to close the loop on the lifecycle of our clothing (and help you, too!).

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We get it. Sometimes you buy something on impulse, outgrow a size, or the time just never feels right to break it out —no matter how much you love it.
Which is why we're excited to announce: Obus Swap Shop.
Your pre-loved garments stay out of landfill, and YOU can pick up some new Obus treasures.

Update 18 March 2019: Thanks all who participated in our SWAP SHOP SALE! All remaining goodies will be for sale at our Obus Market store from 20/3/19. Still have items to bring in? Hold tight - another intake will be scheduled soon! xx Obus
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SCRAPBOOK: China through Kylie's lens

Our HEART TO HEART collection is influenced by Kylie's holiday with her family through China last year. Take a virtual tour through at some of her favourite memories from the visit.

. . . . . . .

February 07, 2019 by Obus Clothing

COMMUNITY: Giving girls in Africa access to education via One Girl

Late last year, we gave you the opportunity to suggest a cause that deserved a $1000 donation from us. Read on to find out what good those dollars are doing now!

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The recipients of our Festival of Giving $1000 donation was One Girl, a Melbourne-based non-profit who assist girls in East and West Africa to attend school and provide them with life-changing education and resources. 
We couldn’t be happier to learn that the donation we made on your behalf has enabled three girls to attend school this year! A result that will not only change their lives, but the lives of their family members and communities.
With a new school year beginning in Australia this week, we thought we’d find out more about the barriers to basic education for girls in Uganda and Sierra Leone, and about the work One Girl do to break them down.
Tell us a bit about One Girl, how it began and its mission.
One Girl started when two young Australians, Chantelle Baxter and David Dixon, were on a research project through East and West Africa. In Uganda, Chantelle met a 14-year-old girl called Brenda. After losing both parents, Brenda was living with her aunt who could no longer afford to send her to school. So, of course, Dave and Chantelle decided to help! It cost $150 to put Brenda back in school – and it was that first $150 investment in just one girl, in Brenda, that inspired the beginning of One Girl.
That was 10 years ago, and since then we’ve supported thousands of girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda with access to life-changing education. One Girl currently runs girl-focused education programs that provide high school scholarships, education in business and entrepreneurial skills, menstrual hygiene management — along with access to sanitary products — and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) education. These four programs are all uniquely designed to combat the barriers that girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda face when accessing education, and they give girls an opportunity to drive their own change and reach their full potential!
What are the barriers to education for the girls you support?
In Sierra Leone, only 16% of girls complete high school. This can be due to a number of factors such as teenage pregnancy, the cost of sending a girl to school, the societal preference to send boys to school whilst girls tend to household duties, or the difficulties girls face attending school when they have their periods. All our programs are designed to help combat those barriers:
Our Scholarships program aims to support girls with everything they need to graduate. One Girl Scholars are supported with school uniforms, school books, textbooks, shoes, a backpack – even lunch money! They also have regular meetings with One Girl focal teachers who support them so they have every opportunity to succeed in school.
Our Business Brains program aims to equip girls and young women with skills in how to begin and run their own businesses – because we want to make sure girls have every opportunity to succeed both in and out of the classroom. As part of Business Brains, we also hold education sessions on career development, life skills, and sexual and reproductive health and rights.
Our LaunchPad program aims to change the fact that a lot girls don’t attend school when they have their period – 60% of girls in Uganda! This can be due to a lack of menstrual hygiene education, little access to sanitary products, or poor toilet facilities in schools. Enter: the LaunchPad program. This program focuses on education in menstrual hygiene management, supporting young women with access to affordable sanitary products and challenging the stigma attached to menstruation. That’s why also we include boys and men in this program so that the entire community can break down harmful taboos surrounding menstruation.
Our School Awesomisation program has provided students with education in water, sanitation and hygiene and constructed toilet facilities in rural schools in Sierra Leone that either don’t have any, or don’t have enough! We know that when you educate a girl, she will impart her WASH knowledge to her family by promoting healthy habits at school and in the home.

Last year Obus donated $1000 to One Girl on our customer’s behalf. Can you tell us how those funds will be used?
In Sierra Leone, it costs just AU$300 to educate a girl for an entire year. So this incredible donation from Obus is enough to educate three girls! And when you educate a girl, you’re not just changing her life, you’re also changing the lives of her family and community members – that’s the incredible impact Obus will have by supporting the power of education!
Do you have any special memories of the girls One Girl has supported over the years?
Our One Girl Scholars are pretty extraordinary and they constantly inspire us. After not being in school for nearly four years, Bintu* became a One Girl Scholar.
When she was able to begin school again with our help, she said: “School is important because it helps each and every one in order for us to be able to achieve our dreams. I’ll help other people who cannot pay their school fees for themselves. If I am educated, if I have a job, I’ll be able to help them as well. Going back to school has changed my life completely. Completely!”
It’s an amazing dream: to use her education to support others in her community so they too can have the opportunity to fulfil their dreams. One Girl Scholars aren’t just inspiring because of what they’re achieving, but for the change they’re driving within their own families and communities.

What are some other ways to support One Girl and spread your awesome message?
Every year we run Do It In A Dress, a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign that calls on everyone to put on a school dress and raise funds for girls’ education. We’ve seen some pretty incredible things happen in school dresses; we’ve seen people jump out of planes, trek the Camino de Santiago, run marathons or wear school dresses non-stop for a month! And all to raise funds and spread awareness of the importance of girls’ education. To sign up, visit us here.

Follow One Girl on Instagram or donate directly via their website

*Bintu’s name has been changed to protect her identity.
Photo credits: Olivia Acland/One Girl.

January 23, 2019 by Obus Clothing
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GIVEAWAY: Obus x Take 3 For The Sea

With summer in full swing, we're outside and looking for ways to preserve the natural beauty of Australia's beaches, parks, and natural wonders! So today we launch a giveaway that helps keep our oceans clean and free of waste (and gives you a chance to take home your fave Obus piece on us!).

. . . . . . .

Without a doubt, 2018 saw an increased focus on the volume of single-use plastics entering our oceans and waterways. And while we at Obus aim to do our part to create low-impact fashion and accessories, there's always more we can do to reduce pollutants and ensuring waste stays well clear of our waterways.

Take 3 is an Australian not-for-profit organisation, founded in 2009 by surfing enthusiast, Amanda Marechal, marine ecologist, Roberta Dixon-Valk and environmentalist, Tim Silverwood.

Their mission is to actively reduce the amount of plastic and human-made rubbish entering our oceans through a simple message: Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, park, creek, river… or anywhere you find yourself this summer.

As active beach-goers, we love Take 3's ethos and simple, practical message. So at the time of year when many of us are enjoying time at Australia's beautiful coastlines, creeks, rivers and parks, we thought we'd offer an extra incentive to encourage YOU to 'take three'!


How to enter:

1. Collect 3 (or more!) pieces of rubbish you've found while at the beach/park or other public space
2. Snap and share a photo to your Instagram or Facebook timeline and don't forget to use the hashtags #obustake3 and #take3forthesea (Instagram), or tag us and Take 3 (Facebook) so we can record your entry
3. Dispose of your found rubbish thoughtfully!

In addition to there being less rubbish polluting our environment, your post will inspire others to think about their impact and responsibility to our planet, and you'll go in the running to WIN a $250 Obus gift voucher. Win, win, win!

Terms & Conditions

  • Entrants must follow all entry guidelines to be entered into the giveaway draw. 
  • One entry = one user post on Facebook & Instagram. 
  • Giveaway promotion ends 9/1/19.
  • Winner chosen at random from valid entries on 10/1/19 and contacted via social media by 12/1/19.
  • Prize cannot be returned or redeemed for cash. 
  • The competition is not endorsed by Facebook or Instagram.
December 31, 2018 by Obus Clothing

FUN STUFF: Obus wallpapers for your favourite device

As we celebrated our twentieth year, 2018 saw us create many new prints, and also some reenergised prints from our archives! To farewell the year, we've gathered your favourites of 2O18 and made them digital, so you can decorate your favourite device with a little bit of Obus.

. . . . . . .


Scroll to your favourite print below, and click the link to download the file for your preferred device. Once the image loads, save it to your photos app, camera roll or desktop, and follow the steps you'd usually take to make any photo or image your device wallpaper.

Kicking off 2018 with our FOR THE LADIES collection, our beloved AERIAL print was reenergised in a new colour palette. Whimsical and wonderful, its distinctly abstract forms won over your hearts again.
Download AERIAL for phone
Download AERIAL for tablet
Download AERIAL for desktop

Inspired by Kylie's travels through Japan and her interest in modern Ikebana, KADO was a clear favourite during winter's WAY OF FLOWERS collection, thanks to its emotive floral motif.
Download KADO for phone
Download KADO for tablet
Download KADO for desktop


Celebrating the skill and mastery behind our original textile designs, TWO WORLDS was the clear winner amongst the LOVE OBUS: A MODERN HISTORY collection inspired by our print archives. A mashup of floral forms and strong stripes, its retro, sporty vibes really caught your eye.
Download TWO WORLDS for phone
Download TWO WORLDS for tablet
Download TWO WORLDS for desktop

Bringing it home for summer, the native coastal flora featured in our BEACHCOMBER print was the cornerstone of our BETWEEN WIND AND WATER collection, focusing our attention on all the local adventures that can be had at our doorstep.
Download BEACHCOMBER for phone
Download BEACHCOMBER for tablet
Download BEACHCOMBER for desktop
December 31, 2018 by Obus Clothing

BEHIND THE SCENES: Festive frocks and ladies who rock!

Our store staff work extra hard this time of year bringing the cheer to your Obus visit. We spent a few minutes with these lovely ladies to find out what they are rockin' and loving this Christmas!

. . . . . . .

Alter ego: I take photos, sew, craft and experiment baking vegan treats!
Fave festive tune: It’s gotta be something Michael Buble right?
Fave Xmas tradition: Probably Christmas crackers.. I think sitting around the dinner table, awkwardly sat next to a relative you perhaps don’t know that well, a Christmas cracker always helps to break the ice and everyone has a laugh!
Secret skill: Embroidery! I haven’t done much, but I seem to have a knack for it.
Shop Tori's outfit >>
Alter ego: Painter... Well, thinking about painting. Next year will be the year of exhibiting!!
Favourite festive tune: Little Drummer Boy by Boney M. (My mum would play their Christmas album every Christmas, it would drive my brothers and I crazy... Now I play it every year and I totally love it!! So does my daughter.)
Favourite xmas tradition: Having to come up with meaningful gifts that have a cash limit. I love it because it forces you to be creative and thoughtful...
Secret skill: I asked my daughter and she said "You're amazing and cool... ;). And I make a mean green curry !
Shop Dom's outfit >>

Alter ego: When I'm not at Obus I'm a full time student chipping away at a Bachelors degree in Youth Work, striving to do better at keeping my house plants alive and being a cat mum to my baby Rosco.
Favourite festive tune: All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey (of course)
Favourite xmas tradition: Watching Christmas movies such as Scrooged and Love Actually with my partner and/or housemates, eating pink zooper doopers and taking my niece, Isabella to see the Christmas lights up around my house in Princes Hill.
Secret skill: People always underestimate me in a game of Scrabble
Shop Nikki's outfit >>
Alter ego: When I'm not at Obus. I'm spending a little too much on going out for lunch and dinner and discovering new places to shop and have a wine! Still a newbie to Melbourne :)
Fave festive tune: I'm gonna have to be twins with Nikki and say All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey - it is such a good tune and also reminds me of that scene from Love Actually!
Fave christmas tradition: I always have brunch with my parents and open presents together in pajamas! Also, always having an Xmas arvo nap.
Secret skill: I can do a very clumsy back flip!
Shop Holly's outfit >>
December 15, 2018 by Obus Clothing

COMMUNITY: You give, we give to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre!

Gift-giving shouldn’t be stressful. So we have curated some stellar gift packs inspired by our Summer prints, ready to surprise the ace women in your life (or your Secret Santa pick!).

. . . . . . .

Priced for every budget, they're ideal for teachers, carers, sisters, aunties, and anyone else who deserves a thanks, love ya, or special treat! And for every GIFT BOX purchased between 11-16 December, we’ll donate a gift box to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

The FAIR WINDS Gift Pack ~ $29
We have a friendly history with the ASRC, and we hope that the the women and teenage girls who use the ASRC's services will appreciate something a little special to brighten their day, thanks to you!
The LOW TIDE Gift Pack ~ $29
You can find out more about the ASRC here, and purchase our gift boxes throughout December here.
December 12, 2018 by Obus Clothing

PLAYLIST: The Merry Obus Playlist 2018

It's that heady time of year where there's a party each weekend and everyone is catching up with the folks they love. We've put together the definitive festive season soundtrack with the ultimate aim of over-populating your dance floor. If it doesn't make you wanna cut up a rug, then your heart ain't beating. 

. . . . . . . . 


December 07, 2018 by Obus Clothing

STORE NEWS: Late night Christmas trading at Obus

As the days count down to Christmas, we're gearing up for some special events instore!

. . . . . . .

By choosing to shop with a small business this Christmas, you're helping to support the local economy. So join us on one of our late night shopping events throughout December, and pair good tunes and a glass of bubbles with some gift shopping for yourself or someone special. There might even be a little something extra instore on the night to put a smile on your face!

Late night shopping nights at Obus:
Thursday 20th of December
Obus Northcote - High St Kris Kringle
285 High St, Northcote
Open 10am - 8pm 
Obus Market Brunswick East - Brunswick Shopping Night
136 Lygon St, Brunswick East
Open 12pm - 8pm
Obus City
Shop 5, Cathedral Arcade, 37 Swanston Street
Open 10am - 8pm
Obus Fitzroy
226 Gertrude St, Fitzroy
Open 10am - 7pm
Friday 21st of December
Obus City
Shop 5, Cathedral Arcade, 37 Swanston Street
Open 10am - 8pm
Christmas Day 
Boxing Day 
Obus City
Shop 5, Cathedral Arcade, 37 Swanston Street
Open 11am - 6pm
Northcote, Fitzroy and Obus Market Brunswick East CLOSED
Dec 27th-31st 
Northcote, City & Fitzroy open standard trading hours
Lygon Street CLOSED
New Year's Day 
Wednesday 2 January 2019
All stores except Lygon St resume standard trading hours on Wednesday 2 January.
Lygon St, Brunswick East will re open on the 3rd Jan 





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