The Journey

Obus has been on a journey of exploration in colour, texture and shape since 2000.

Born of Creative Director Kylie Zerbst’s passion for travel, Obus ranges have evolved as the fashion equivalent of a travel diary. 

Each collection is a journey to a new destination, a wearable souvenir of the places and cultures that inspire Kylie and the team.

From the Bolivian Altiplano, to the Archipelago of San Blas, or adrift on remote islands in Bass Strait... Obus takes the wearer there.

Ethos & spirit

With fifty-two journeys completed over twenty-two years, Obus is a mainstay of the Australian fashion landscape. 

Obus has arrived at this destination by being agile enough to harness change. Our resourcefulness and can-do attitude has kept our brand strong in an ever evolving landscape.

Synonymous with breathtaking prints, considered design and a constantly evolving palette of extraordinary colours. Clothing made by Obus is of exceptional quality, featuring natural & cutting edge sustainable fabrications.

The mainstay of each collection is manufactured in Melbourne, helping to support the local industry and economy. Obus is engaged with customers and their needs, prioritising quality, inclusivity, community and sustainability.

Travel is the cornerstone of everything Obus creates. From the spark an idea, to the smallest final detail, Obus takes the wearer on an inspired and empowering journey every single day.