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You will need: 

20cm of woven fabric

Matching thread

Sewing scissors

Hand sewing needle

Fabric covered head band

Sewing machine (optional)

Iron + ironing board




1. Cut a rectangle of fabric 20cm high by 80cm wide. You can make your headband even scrunchier by making your rectangle wider.


2. Fold the rectangle in half and sew up (or hand sew) the side to make a tube.


3. Press the seam flat in the center. Close up one end with a straight stitch and trim the excess.


4. Close up the other end half way making sure to leave a hole big enough to fit the head band through. Turn out and press.


5. Insert the head band through the hole.


6. Time to get hand sewing!


7. Fold the end over like this and hand stitch it closed. Make sure to catch on the head band inside so the fabric doesn’t slide off the band. You can also do some small stitches along the underside of the band to secure the fabric how you would like. Snip any loose threads and try it on!


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March 30, 2021