Patti Chimkire of MALI BAKES shares her small business journey, favourite local eats + creates a DREAMWEAVER inspired Obus cake.

Just up the road from our Northcote store is a retro-inspired cake shop that locals can’t get enough of! Joyful and eye-catching, Patti’s creations are eatable works of art that draw inspiration from fashion, vintage adverts and the colourful community around her.


 Our team noticed your retro shop front pop up during the first lockdown, was it always the dream to open your own bakery? 

Absolutely! It’s always been my dream to start my own business. Mali Bakes has been that dream come true. It was pushed forward, kind of out of necessity during the big lockdowns in 2020. I was in dire need of a new source of income, and had been looking for a creative outlet. I’ve worked in the food industry for a few years now, and have always loved art, colours, and retro-stylings. Cakes were a logical step in that direction. It’s been such a pleasure being able to express my love of food and colour in such a way and doing it on my own terms is an exciting challenge day to day - but well worth it.

 If you were a cake flavour, what combination would you be and why? 

I’d have to say that I’d be the “Yuzu, Poppyseed and Strawberry Jam” cake. I think that this cake is my favourite because it represents everything that’s been worked for and is being worked towards with Mali Bakes. The combination of flavours, and the locally sourced ingredients best sums up what I love about the business and about making cakes. In terms of how this relates to me? I’m familiar, and a bit of surprise!

 Mali Bakes has a gorgeous signature aesthetic, what inspires the colour combinations and design? 

There were a lot of inspirations that I’ve drawn on for the colour palette and aesthetic; design, photography, abstract paintings, retro-adverts and films. I’m constantly being inspired, and it really does come from everywhere and every aspect of my life. We pride ourselves on bringing a little bit of something for everyone to our cakes, and to every slice.

 What’s your favourite piece from our new DREAMWEAVER capsule? 

Oh, the Dreamweaver jumper is my favourite. Electric blue is one of my favourite colours, and seeing it pop amongst the pastel pink is right up my alley!

 Mali Bakes is a go-to for local businesses celebrating milestones… Can you share 5 of your go-to places to eat & drink in the area? 

We love spending time on High Street - there are just so many places you can go. Everywhere has its own atmosphere, and experience, but for us our favourites would have to be places like Umberto Espresso Bar, Shimbashi Soba, MESOB, and 1800-Lasagne; and of course The Thornbury Local - we’d be absolutely lost without them after a long day!
June 03, 2022