International fashion blogger, vintage-seller & disability representation advocate Rue shares her fashion journey
with us.

Q. How would you describe your personal style? Do you have any rules you stick to when putting an outfit together?

I’m definitely eclectic. I love colourful clothes and I love to wear whatever makes me happy. Because of my disability, I’m often at the mercy of what I can and cant do, due to my body, so by being able to dress up, it gives me a feeling of control I often don’t normally feel. I don’t have any rules I follow and I particularly like to ignore the rules that say, “you can’t wear THIS with THAT”.

Q. When did you start advocating for more disability representation in fashion?

Very recently, as I noticed the lack of disability representation in fashion and decided to do something about it. Disability was something that I didn’t see represented in media as I was growing up, so my disabilities were something I tried to hide. Then I met a fabulous lady called Lindsay, the creator of the beautiful Neowalk walking sticks. These are works of art that I collect like shoes, and I started using in my fashion posts. As I learned about my inner ablism and learned that disability wasn’t a bad word, I became more confident, started enjoying and exploring fashion more, and now I’m serving Big Disabled Energy with pride. Disability representation matters and I love working with brands like yours to create a positive change in what we see in fashion.

Q. How do you decide what brands you work with?

I enjoy creating content with brands not just for the beautiful things they create, but also that are working towards changing the world for the better, through ethics, sustainability and diversity.

Q. Who inspires you? Fashion or otherwise!

Since I was a teen, I’ve enjoyed wearing antique, vintage, or second-hand clothing, which has been inspired by old movies, music and the little doll in the tulle dress that covered the toilet roll in my Nana’s bathroom. When I shop for new pieces, I’m looking for vintage of the future. Something that will last a long time, can be re-worn and mixed with other pieces.

Q. What are you currently reading?

Honestly, I’m not reading anything at the moment as I’ve become obsessed with the back catalogue of the Smartless Podcast. I’m really enjoying hearing all these celebrities just chatting about normal stuff. I do usually love an old classic though, with Miss Havisham from Great Expectations being a style icon of mine.

Q. Do have a favourite piece from the Obus Summer collection?

Yes - I love the Flower Child BoilerSuit - it’s bringing me sunshine on these cold, rainy UK days.

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November 10, 2022