We ask Obus Lover and Flowers Vasette florist Gaylene Krajewski what it’s like to literally live and breathe flowers.

Q How did you get started in floristry? Tell us your story!

I was raised in the workroom of my Mother’s florist shop. I acquired most of my skills through the process of osmosis. By the age of ten I was constructing corsages, by twelve serving customers and at 16 my Mother could leave me in charge of the shop for weeks at a time. Later in my twenties, I had my own shop, and later again 2001 I started working at Flowers Vasette.

Q Are there any projects you’ve worked on that stand out in your memory?

Highlights of my career include running the bridal department at Flowers Vasette for 8 years with the satisfaction of completing the florals for so many special occasions, great and small to the delight of grateful brides and grooms. Another standout was envisaging and constructing the floral component for the artist Christian Thompson for his Australian Graffiti series. I have also had many opportunities to represent Flowers Vasette in speaking to the media and have enjoyed quite a few television appearances including standing up for marriage rights for all when that was still being debated back in the dark ages.

Q If you were a flower, which would you be and why?

If I was a flower I would have to be my favourite, a violet! The colour, the fragrance.
They make my heart sing.
They make my heart sing.
Q How would describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as bright, colourful, cheerful. I do not want to blend in. I like to look different. I adore prints.

Q We know you wear a lot of Obus (thank you!), do you have a favourite piece or print?

Obus is 100% my favourite label. I have never walked into the shop without finding many pieces that I love. I find the clothing flattering, fun and amazingly good quality. It makes me so happy that almost all of it is made in Melbourne. Before I purchase any piece of clothing my rule is ‘Does it make my heart skip a beat?’ The Obus prints always make my heart skip a beat.

I loved the pink Leap of Faith print so much, I bought it in the dress, the trackies and the hoodie. An oldie but a goodie was the Zora Smock Dress, it was my favourite for so long! I wore and washed over and over until after years and years it was finally threadbare. I loved it and still miss it.

September 01, 2023