It’s no secret that we’re big fans of florals here at Obus, from brightening a room to boosting a mood, flowers have the ability to create joy wherever they bloom.

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With Spring just around the corner, we speak to Flower Bowl creator and passionate florist Jodie about how she got started and what keeps her going.

Flower Bowl

Flower Bowl is now over 15 years old, can you tell us about it’s conception?

I was 20 and in love with all things pretty and pink, so I opened a pretty pink shop! I wanted to be surrounded by all the things that made my heart happy. At the end of the day, flowers make people happy, and that seemed like a pretty lovely thing to be a part of.

I started on my own in East Geelong with three bunches of Camelia, a bunch of Gerberas and a free delivery driver (thanks Mum!). I was petrified and passionate. But I’ve always come back to the idea of just making people happy. 16 years later, a few more Flower Bowl girls and A LOT more flowers, I’m lucky to have been a part of so much happiness.

As a small business owner, how have you had to adapt over the past year & what have you learnt?

When we haven’t been able to connect with our customers in person, we’ve had to find other ways to reach them and let them know that we’re still here for everything life throws their way. Our online and social media presence has been really important. We have put a lot of love into the products we offer and the content we share.

Our relationships with our growers and suppliers has also been SO important. For a while there I was spending over ten hours every week driving to and from Monbulk to pick up flowers. The flower hustle was real. Our growers work hard to give us pretty things to play with (they also put up with me begging for alllllllllll the Hydrangea) so we have worked hard to support them back.

I have learnt to always have wine in the fridge… but in all honesty, I have learnt the importance of staying true to your brand and backing yourself. You also can’t do this on your own - you need to find your people!

Flower Bowl

Flower Bowl is female owned and operated, how do you think this has contributed to it’s success?

We’re actually not a workroom of crazy chicks on purpose! It just so happens that the most fabulous florists (and people) who have walked into Flower Bowl have been females. So if there’s any flower-loving guys out there who think they could put up with us, you know where to find us! That being said, there’s nothing like a bit of girl power in a room. We’re a team of tough, kind, creative and hard working women, and I think that shines through on our socials.

If you could send flowers to anyone in the world who would it be?

My girl J.Lo, to say thanks for all the ripper nights on the dance floor! #jennyfromtheblock

How does fashion play a role in Flower Bowl?

We’re visual people, so that not only includes flowers and colours but outfits too! There’s nothing like matching your outfit to the season or finding that perfect shade of lippy to match your favourite rose. We love bold patterns, bright pants and pink Converse of course!

We definitely stand out when we get our morning coffee… We won’t lie though, there’s times when we couldn’t care less about our outfit choice. 2am at the flower market, day six of Mother’s Day week and when you’re knee deep in the green bin. But mostly we’re having fun with our ‘fits. We’re lucky to work in a job that allows us to tell the world who we are with our clothing - sparkly jackets, pink overalls and all!

Flower Bowl

Do you have a favourite Obus piece?

I mean, this is like asking a florist if they have a favourite flower… impossible! I love my ‘Beauty Within’ boiler suit. But this new range is giving it a run for it’s money! The ‘Marché aux Fleurs’ skirt is pretty damn fab.

What’s next for Flower Bowl?

In the last 12 months I’ve opened up two new shops (the warehouse in Ryan Place and the retail space in Pakington Street) so I think I need a hot minute! I adore my Pakington Street space - it’s everything I love in one little shop!

A second, smaller retail space concentrating on beautiful gifts, a selection of our very favourite seasonal blooms and really personal service was something I’ve always wanted to create, so I’m just enjoying it at the moment. I do love a challenge though, so I’m sure it won’t be long until I think of something new, pretty and exciting for Flower Bowl. At the moment we’re expanding our team, adding to our online range and just trying to keep up with t­he crazy!

Flower Bowl 

    Flower Bowl is owned and operated by Jodie and her lovely team of Flower Bowl girls in Geelong, Vic. A contemporary florist - they love all things seasonal, luxe and locally grown. Offering hand selected florals, made and delivered with love by Jodie and her girls daily throughout Geelong, Surfcoast, Bellarine Peninsula and Melbourne.

    You can find them on Instagram at @flowerbowl

    Wearing Marché Aux Fleurs Wrap Dress, Blouse and Skirt from the Souvenir Spring 2021 Collection, available now.

    August 24, 2021