Welcome to ISLANDIA // AUTUMN'15 Shoot

This Autumn Obus takes a birds eye view of breathtaking Islandia.

Inspired by the unique contours and shapes created by Volcanic rivers and lavaflow the Aerial story sits at the centre of the collection.

The print itself is organic and unexpected, as are the colours used to create it – Lava Orange swirls amongst the darkest Green, soft Mauve, Aquamarine and Alluvial grey.

Named for the beautiful crater lake - Kerid, the Caldera styles are a combination of volcanic inspired colour and earthy texture.

For a new layered silhouette the Caldera styles are worn with pared back Tectonic styles – Slim fitting and longer in length.

 Fine knit merino styles add lightness and humour to the collection  – An unusual marriage of traditional stitches with high visibility stripes.

The Reykjavic print tells a story of urban Islandia - From traditional Turf Houses to the brightly coloured rooftops of modern Reykjavic.

 Come with us on a memorable journey as we explore a volatile landscape that is beautiful beyond compare. ​