For some extra colourful fun at home - if you’re curled up on the couch, or colouring with the kids, we hope you enjoy the selection of printable Obus colouring pages below.

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The Obus story

For over 20 years, founder and creative director Kylie Zerbst and her team have produced many coveted collections, each one thoughtfully designed and curated to form a wardrobe of must have styles.

The concept of travel is constant theme woven within Obus collections, each an exciting new journey inspired by designer Zerbst's personal wanderings.


Our ethos

A mainstay of the Melbourne fashion landscape, Obus is synonymous with ease of wear, pared back tailoring and a constantly changing palette of unexpected colours.

Clothing made by Obus is of exceptional quality, featuring natural fibres and exclusive prints, and the mainstay of its collections are manufactured in Melbourne, helping to support the local industry and economy.