I’m Beth, and as a mum to two girls, I find this recipe is a great way to get veggies into your kids (or adults) without it being overtly veggie-like. Who doesn't love a rich tomato sauce you can top with as much cheese as you can muster?

. . . . . . .

Get kids involved if you have them - this is truly such an easy recipe and will make you look like a pro with very little effort! 

You will need:
🍅 2 bottles tomato passata
🍅1 red onion
🍅2-3 garlic cloves
🍅Blitzed or grated veggies I used these from Woolies
🍅Handful of fresh cherry tomatoes
🍅500 grams fresh ricotta cheese
🍅1 cup plain flour
🍅1 egg
🍅Grated parmesan cheese
Step 1: 

Cut up the onion and garlic and fry off in olive oil seasoning with salt and pepper until soft. Add in the grated or packet of riced (finely chopped) veggies until soft then add in the cherry or freshly cut tomatoes for a min or so and then the tomato pasata. 

Let it simmer and bubble for as long as you have to develop the flavours - and you'll see it ends up looking like bolognese! I often add in some fresh basil to the sauce as well when I have some in the garden.

Tip: If you have someone who isn't a fan of chunky veggies in your household, you can use a stick blender to make the sauce a little smoother.


Step 2: 

To prepare the gnocchi, into a bowl, place the ricotta, egg, cup of plain flour and some salt & pepper. If you have parmesan on hand I would add in about a cup of grated cheese as well. Mix with a spoon and then transfer onto a floured bench (the mixture is very wet so make sure you add in lots of flour). Once it’s all combined I take a handful of mixture and roll it into a sausage shape then cut into 2-3 cm lengths. Set aside until your water is boiling.

Step 3:

To cook the gnocchi boil a large pot of water and add in a handful of pieces at a time (I could get about 10-12 or so in a batch) when they are cooked they will pop up and float and it only takes a few minutes. 

🍳Tip: Another thing you can do is fry off the gnocchi to give it a little crust…this is extra yum!

And you're done!

You can then add into your bowl, add the tomato sauce and mix to serve with some more parmesan on top. Now you can enjoy a glass of bubbles (or Prosecco) for your efforts - you deserve it!

. . . . . . .

Get to know Beth with some of our favourite go-to questions...

What 3 words would you use to describe your personal style?
Bright, fun, extra (where at all possible)

What is your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?
Rainy days are the ONLY days where I do nothing, so I absolutely love them! I will go back to bed, read, sit by the fire and ALWAYS cook something warm and hearty (even if it's Summer).

What are you currently reading?
This has been really hard for me to get back into since Covid19. I have had no attention span, have been more consumed by media and news and just didn’t seem to have the concentration for reading.

Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid - This was a great read and interesting outlook at race issues in the states. Easy reading but complex issues raised.

Any Ordinary Day by Leigh Sales - Loved this book SO much. Given our current grief levels I was keen to read this and it did not disappoint. Whether you are in a sad place or not, it has some beautiful insights into what people need when bad things happen. I really enjoyed it.

How do you incorporate sustainability into your everyday?
I really try and buy clothes that will last. Where we live it's COLD so have been looking at quality knits that last through seasons. I try shop using local ingredients and produce as much as possible too - which is so lucky where we live as we have lots of wonderful farms around us.

Name 3 empowering females you'd love to have dinner with & why?
Jacinda Ardern, The Queen + Dolly Parton - all strong women who have paved the way in their fields. I admire the Queen so much and would love to have a G&T with her. Jacinda, I would love to know about her role in politics and dealing with the world on a global scale, plus being a Mum and juggling work. And Dolly because: QUEEN. Love her!

What brings you joy - big or small?
Small moments always bring me the most joy: a perfectly poached egg that has steam rising on  a cold winter's morning, watching the seasons where we live, the crackle and smell of when you first light a fire, the sound of a bottle of champagne opening, the light in autumn, the sound of a baby giggling, the thrill when a plane takes off - simple moments are where the secret to life's happiness is I am sure of it.



Beth has been blogging at BabyMac for almost 14 years and has written 3400+ blog posts. She lives in the country of NSW (Southern Highlands - half way between Canberra in Sydney) with her 3 girls (13, 10 and 5) her husband Rob and dog Frank. She runs an online shop ADD TO CART with her sister Lucy which is a collection of homewares, accessories, and all round general cool stuff that she LOVES and uses in her own life. She loves a well made bed, flowers, cooking and Prosecco so expect to see plenty of that on her feeds.

You can find her blogging about recipes, podcasts, interiors, and real mum life via  her website and follow her on Instagram: @babymacbeth

Beth wears our OBUS Dangerous and Delicate Boilersuit.
May 30, 2020