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Choosing the right size is pretty important! To help you decide which size to buy, Obus sizing information is listed below, including how to measure yourself correctly if you're not sure of your size. Any fit information particular to a garment will be listed within the individual item description.


Body Measurements

Sizes may vary across countries and brands. Please use the above conversions as a guide, however Obus recommends measuring yourself in order to establish your size accurately.

How to Measure Yourself...

You will need a tape measure or a piece of string (if using string you can measure the string afterwards using a ruler). Measurements should be taken while breathing out... No point sucking your tummy in or the skirt you have your eye on will be too tight!

Bust measurement should be taken around the widest part of the bust with arms down.

This is the measurement around the narrowest part of your waist (so your true waistline).

Hip measurement should be taken around the widest point of the hip which is approximately 20cm below the true waistline. Everyone's a bit different in this department and your widest part may be slightly higher or lower than 20cm, but the most important thing is to measure your widest part.