Today we’d like to tell you about an exciting collaboration between Obus and a business we love: Tsuno.

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Tsuno sells disposable, sustainable bamboo fibre sanitary pads and tampons. Founded and run by Thornbury-based awesome lady Roz Campbell, Tsuno is a social enterprise: 50% of their profits are donated to charities that focus on empowering women, with the main focus being education and menstrual support. In the last year, a further 10,000 boxes of pads have been donated to local organisations such as The International Women's Development Agency, Share the Dignity, The Asylum Seekers Resource Centre and Essentials for Women South Australia. Great, huh?

Tsuno founder Roz Campbell in her Thornbury studio

As if that wasn't enought, Tsuno products are also good for you. The pads are made from natural bamboo, and their tampons are made from 100% certified organic cotton. Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable fibres available due to its fast growth-rate, low demands on resources and natural resistance to pests and fungi. It is also super absorbent, breathable, soft and comfortable and antibacterial. There’s no chlorine or dioxin bleach used in the manufacturing process of Tsuno tampons or pads, which means these chemicals (and a whole lot of other nasties that are found in regular sanitary products) don’t end up on or in your body. Hooray!

An Obus print (from our forthcoming summer collection) features on Tsuno's boxes of Regular Pads. Buy a box in August and we'll donate a box to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Tsuno pride themselves on their beautiful packaging and featuring different artists work. To date they have featured the work of Erin Lightfoot, Tim Royall, Evi O, Eloise Rapp, Andrea Shaw and now, Obus! We’ve donated an exclusive print from our upcoming summer collection to Tsuno’s new range of Regular Pads, and we are so excited to support this wonderful local enterprise.
Purchase in August and we'll match it!
Buy a box of Obus x Tsuno pads online or instore at Obus during August 2017 and we will donate a box to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. Spread the love, help a sister and do something good for your body - there’s really no reason not to.

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Find out more about Tsuno's good work on Instagram @_tsuno_

August 01, 2017