Our 2017 swim collection has been flying out the door, and it’s no wonder  - not only does it look great on every body, it’s made ethically in Australia from sustainable, recycled fabric.

Obus swimwear is manufactured in Sydney (and we know Sydneysiders love the beach!). The polyester component of our swimwear, comprising almost 80% of the total garment, is created using a cutting-edge manufacturing process that regenerates post-consumer waste such as carpets, clothing and fishing nets (!) and transforms it back into a sustainable, raw material without any loss of quality.

We want your Obus clothing to last, so you can enjoy it for years to come. Repeated exposure to the sun, chlorine, salt water and sunscreen can shorten the life of cheaper swimwear garments by damaging the stretchy elastic fibres in the fabric. But the Lycra component of our swim range is manufactured specifically to ensure extra longevity in the life of the elastine that makes it stretch, meaning your swimwear will continue to fit and flatter for many summers to come. No baggy bathers - woohoo!

Obus swimwear, in flattering one-piece and high-waisted two-piece bikini styles, is available now from our online and Melbourne-based stores. See you at the beach!
November 13, 2017