Obus is a tight-knit team of inspiring, passionate women. We're proud to be a female owned and run business, offering support and flexibility to our team so they can pursue their studies and passions.

This International Women's Day, we want to introduce to you some of the women who work part-time in our four stores. When they're not helping you, these Obus ladies are changing the world in small but meaningful ways!

. . . . . . .

Ali Rogerson

How do you spend your time when you’re not at Obus?
I'm currently studying full time at RMIT, finishing up my Associate Degree in Fashion Design and Technology. I am passionate about local manufacture & sustainable fashion, which is why I love working at Obus! I love sewing and also used to run Charlie Bird Clothing, which was so fun.
Outside of work I am a board member for Big Little Brush which is an environmental and social enterprise who work with sustainable bamboo products and support heath projects in disadvantaged communities.
How do you spend your down time?
I enjoy and eating and cooking (especially the eating), drinking gin with friends and dancing the night away.
What do you sing along loudly to?
My current favourite, which you may catch me pumping and singing along to in store, is 'Dancing on my Own' by Robyn.

Caz Butler

What do you do when you're not at Obus?
This year I am finishing my Bachelor of Health Science in Chinese medicine which includes both acupuncture and herbal medicine. I also assist practitioners in two different clinics and throw surprise parties... I don't really do things by halves.
Tell us a bit about other things you're interested in...
Gee, at the moment I'm pretty single-minded! Chinese medicine is such a HUGE topic so most of my down-time I'm studying. Right now, I'm studying the classical texts a lot which were written a couple of thousand years ago. In my past life I studied theatre and had a real partiality for Shakespeare, so the beauty of the old texts speaks to my literature-liking brain. Oh! And I'm getting right into studying acupuncture and herbal medicine for women's health too! If I can help people have a good period, I'll be a happy lady. All that, or watching Queer Eye.
What do you sing along loudly to?
Whatever it is, it's in the shower or in the car. That Gaga doco got me choosing Bad Romance for a karaoke song, which was a good moment after a few margaritas.


Jess Harris

What do you do when you're not at Obus?
I am an actress, screen writer and director. I work in TV, mainly comedy. I currently have a web series called WINE, but my main experience was gained though a series I made a while ago for ABC2 called Twentysomething which can now be found on Netflix.
Outside of acting, what else are you interested in?
I am passionate about being as healthy as I can be, both inside and out. I run, cycle, do gym classes, yoga and follow a vegan diet. I like to cook for friends and family and show them how great healthy food can taste. I love going to music festivals in my orange 1972 Kombi - Meredith, Golden Plains and Boogie are my favourites. Oh and I am a Bloody Mary enthusiast - pickle juice is a great secret ingredient.
What do you sing along loudly to?
No judgement, this is a safe space... I love to belt it to Michael Bolton's ‘How can we be lovers if we can't be friends?’.


Harriet Hunt

What do you do when you're not at Obus?
I’m studying for my final year of a midwifery degree. I spend most of my time hanging out with mums, talking about cervixes, or cuddling babies. I am lucky enough to meet so many beautiful families through my study, and just love being present at such a wonderful and life-altering moment, when consciousness enters the world. I’m the student board member on the Victorian Branch Australian College of Midwives, where I get to work with lots of inspiring midwives and learn from their passion, experience, and drive! We offer scholarships and provide education opportunities for undergraduate and registered midwives around Victoria, and more generally work to shine light on the value of midwifery practice. I’m also a knitter who has approximately one million projects at any one time, so that’s an ongoing thing.
What is your favourite place you’ve ever travelled to?
Venice - I spent a month there studying and grew deeply invested in its history and architecture. Byzantine art rules!
What do you sing along loudly to?
‘Both Sides, Now’, Joni Mitchell. My sister and I are hardcore Joni fans who insist on hitting ALL the notes.  


Ella Wilkinson

What do you do when you're not at obus?
I'm into my second year of the Master of Environment in Climate Change and Development. Even more specific I focus a lot on disasters and how women are disproportionately affected.
I also volunteer at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in their Foodbank. The Foodbank provides groceries for over 600 people seeking asylum each week. I get to meet some pretty incredible, strong, resilient people. I've also started to help out sometimes at the Foodbank's Harvest of Hope veggie garden!
I have also volunteered with the not-for-profit Climates an organisation that aims to empower communities across the Australia-Pacific region to take accountability and address our climate challenges together. We have projects over in the Pacific but also host some great panel discussion and conversation events here in Melbourne.
What is your favourite place you’ve ever travelled to?
Paris is my favourite city in the world, I will forever go back and keep visiting Paris. Although, I have been very lucky when it comes to places I've travelled; South-East Asia, Europe, China, Morocco, South Africa, Japan. The next place on my wish list is India!
What do you sing along loudly to?
The poppiest of pop music, I can't help it.


Tori Day

What are you doing when you’re not at obus?
Taking photographs! I finished studying Fine Art last year, so this year I've been growing my artistic photography business. Most of my content revolves around the female experience and exploring that through both nude photography and self portraiture.
What is your favourite place you’ve ever travelled to?
Granada in Spain.. such beautiful food, architecture and a real bohemian vibe.
I sing loudly along to…
Any 90's classics, Michael Jackson and Rihanna!


Thank you ladies, we’re so proud to call you our friends and colleagues!
Next time you’re in Northcote, Melbourne City, Fitzroy or Brunswick East, pop in and say hi to these awesome chicks. And thanks for supporting women led and run businesses!
March 08, 2018