To kick off our twentieth year, our special collection FOR THE LADIES lookbook is styled on some of our favourite customers. Today, we meet Laura, a self-described ‘Northcote mama doing her best’. We agree!

. . . . . . .
What neighbourhood in Melbourne do you live in and what do you like about it?
Northcote. Because I love construction work and heavy machinery. Kidding! Because I love riding my bike everywhere, playing with my kids along the Merri Creek and the community.
What is your day job and what do you love about it?
I’m the director of Nest Legal, Australia’s first online law firm for busy parents. I love helping stressed mamas tick the legal stuff off their to-do list. My firm has won several awards for legal innovation and I was one of the 300 women featured in the Trailblazing Women and the Law Project, the first publicly accessible and national history of Australia’s pioneer women lawyers. I also run NewLaw Chambers, an online community of Australian lawyers supporting each other to practice law differently.
Do you have a passion project or hobby?
Hobby? You’re funny. I’m a business owner and mama of a gorgeous 4yo and 2yo. They are my passions. Which is good as they leave no time for hobbies!
When did you first start shopping at Obus (and can you remember the first piece you purchased?)
I had a little black dress from a warehouse sale that saw me through every festival and university party in 2005, then living out of a backpack in a Parisian bookshop and then two pregnancies. And it is still going…
How does wearing Obus make you feel?
Like the best version of me – whether that’s dancing at Meredith in my black bubble tunic, in the High Court in my tuxedo jacket when I was a big city lawyer, or racing down High St on my bike to get to childcare pickup in my Kateryna dress.
Do you have a funny or nice story to share about a time you were wearing Obus?
I was wearing my pink and green and blue Druzhba dress whilst speaking on a panel at a law conference, and I was the only female (and the only under-50) on the panel and the only person wearing colour in the whole room. Square peg in a round hole, much?
What do you like most about Obus?
Reliable, fun, flattering, comfy dresses.
Is wearing locally made clothing important to you, and if so, why?
It is. I wish it wasn’t so remarkable that Obus is Melbourne-made.
What’s your favourite thing to do on your days off?
UberEats/G&T dinners with the other families in our street.
My favourite podcast/radio show is: My friend Clarissa Rayward has a podcast called Happy Lawyer Happy Life (about lawyers who have taken charge of their own happiness)
I’m currently reading: A contract of sale and Hairy Maclary  
I’ve just finished watching: The Letdown. Man, that show cut close to the bone about life as a new mum.
My favourite place I’ve ever travelled to is: Paris
I love to sing loudly along to: Joni Mitchell and Christmas carols.  
I love the saying: You make your own luck
My super power is: Hiding vegetables in my kids’ dinner
January 09, 2018