Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard in the studio reviewing and perfecting our garment fits and sizing. It’s part of our commitment to ensuring every Obus garment is a beautifully-fitting, consciously tailored treasure that you will love for years to come!

. . . . . . .

Refitting and amending our garment styles is a substantial task, especially for our small team. Sadly it’s not as easy as deciding to add another size option to the website! It’s been a truly collaborative effort reviewing customer feedback, making design refinements, grading new patterns, working with our local makers, and documenting sizing information in an accessible way on our website.
But we think you’ll agree the end result is worth it. With so many styles now fitting true to size, you can feel confident when you ‘add to cart’ that the size you’ve chosen will look great first go! Simply align your own body measurements to our Size Guide and review the garment measurements in its product description. This will help you determine the best size to choose for your body shape.
You can now shop size 5!

By popular demand, we’ve added Size 5 to many of our Between Wind and Water collection styles. As we continue to amend and refit our designs, we aim to offer size 5s consistently in all future collections. It will be a gradual process, but we’d love your feedback!



October 09, 2018 — Obus Clothing


Obus said:

Hi Mandy! Improving the fit and sizing of each of our garments is a long process, but one we’re committed to, so your feedback on the fit of our HOLIDAY SLIP is really valuable. In adding size five across various styles, we’re making adjustments to size 4s (and all the other sizes, too!) and lots of tweaks across our many different styles. Hopefully the combination of an increased size range and individual garment measurements on each product online will help you shop with confidence in the future. Thanks for your support! x

mandy said:

I am 48. size 5 …yes please! previously I’ve always had luck getting my bust really easily, into a size 4, but was really disappointed that the tercel/linen slip just in, was too snug in a 4. i think your customers range from the young to the menopausal (for want of a better word!) .. and it feels a bit sad to suddenly be locked out of the range, with the new cuts.

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