GIVEAWAY: Obus x Take 3 For The Sea

With summer in full swing, we're outside and looking for ways to preserve the natural beauty of Australia's beaches, parks, and natural wonders! So today we launch a giveaway that helps keep our oceans clean and free of waste (and gives you a chance to take home your fave Obus piece on us!).

. . . . . . .

Without a doubt, 2018 saw an increased focus on the volume of single-use plastics entering our oceans and waterways. And while we at Obus aim to do our part to create low-impact fashion and accessories, there's always more we can do to reduce pollutants and ensuring waste stays well clear of our waterways.

Take 3 is an Australian not-for-profit organisation, founded in 2009 by surfing enthusiast, Amanda Marechal, marine ecologist, Roberta Dixon-Valk and environmentalist, Tim Silverwood.

Their mission is to actively reduce the amount of plastic and human-made rubbish entering our oceans through a simple message: Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, park, creek, river… or anywhere you find yourself this summer.

As active beach-goers, we love Take 3's ethos and simple, practical message. So at the time of year when many of us are enjoying time at Australia's beautiful coastlines, creeks, rivers and parks, we thought we'd offer an extra incentive to encourage YOU to 'take three'!


How to enter:

1. Collect 3 (or more!) pieces of rubbish you've found while at the beach/park or other public space
2. Snap and share a photo to your Instagram or Facebook timeline and don't forget to use the hashtags #obustake3 and #take3forthesea (Instagram), or tag us and Take 3 (Facebook) so we can record your entry
3. Dispose of your found rubbish thoughtfully!

In addition to there being less rubbish polluting our environment, your post will inspire others to think about their impact and responsibility to our planet, and you'll go in the running to WIN a $250 Obus gift voucher. Win, win, win!

Terms & Conditions

  • Entrants must follow all entry guidelines to be entered into the giveaway draw. 
  • One entry = one user post on Facebook & Instagram. 
  • Giveaway promotion ends 9/1/19.
  • Winner chosen at random from valid entries on 10/1/19 and contacted via social media by 12/1/19.
  • Prize cannot be returned or redeemed for cash. 
  • The competition is not endorsed by Facebook or Instagram.
December 31, 2018 by Obus Clothing

How to help women and children on Nauru

Obus is doing something a bit different for Mother's Day this year! We're facilitating donations of much-needed clothing, food, vitamins, and educational resources to be sent to the women and children being detained on the island of Nauru.

. . . . . . . .

It’s a cause the whole team at Obus are passionate about. As a business, we regularly support social enterprises and initiate fundraising campaigns, mobilising our community of kind-hearted customers and followers. In partnering with We Care Nauru and Gifts for Manus & Nauru, we hope to make Mother's Day a bit brighter for these families.

Images from We Care Nauru used with permission.

There are two ways you can donate:
Pop into any of our stores with one of the above items and get 20% off your Obus purchase (suggested donation value: $25).
Donate online and get 20% off your Obus purchase (discount will be applied at checkout).
Donate before Mothers Day, Sunday 13 May, to get your discount; and help us send a big box of goodies to the families on Nauru!
May 02, 2018 by Obus Clothing
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FOR THE LADIES: Teacher, explorer and maker Keryn

Meet Keryn - she’s an adult-education teacher working with new Australians, and lives in regional Victoria. She’s a creative whiz, always travelling (she's skiing in Nevada as we speak) and, sources say, an excellent dancer.

. . . . . . .
What neighbourhood do you live in and what do you like about it?
I moved to Yackandandah in north-east Victoria in 2010 after living in Hughesdale in Melbourne for 30 years. Yackandandah is a progressive, community minded town of about 1200 people. It has a music festival each March and is working toward providing all its energy needs sustainably. It also has great cafes (2) and pubs (2), and a cooperative that runs the petrol station and funds local activities with the proceeds. It's a great place to live.
What is your day job and what do you love about it?
My day job is teaching English to migrants and refugees at TAFE NSW in Albury. I love helping newly arrived people, many of whom have come from difficult backgrounds, to learn English, get a job and settle into Australia. It's very rewarding.
Do you have a passion project or hobby?
I love making things and I collect handmade pottery, fabric, and art from all over the world. Nothing expensive, just things I like the look of. I have made clothing and soft furnishings all my life. I also love renovating houses and furniture. My most recent project was recovering a 1960s Grant Featherstone dining suite.
When did you first start shopping at Obus (and can you remember the first piece you purchased?)
I only discovered OBUS a couple of years ago. I was immediately blown away by the fabrics and prints. But I believe my first purchase was a pair of shoes which I have worn to death and never fail to be complimented about when I do.
How does wearing Obus make you feel?
Wearing Obus makes me feel happy and inspired. I love it when people ask me about the great clothes and I can tell them about about this great Australian company.
Is wearing locally made clothing important to you, and if so, why?
I think it is important to wear local but I am not obsessed with it. I do like to support local makers though and am pleased to have a local connection to the maker where possible.
What’s your favourite thing to do on your days off?
Mostly I like making, restoring and refurbishing all kinds of things but I also love walking my dog Mickey, going out for coffee with my partner and looking for bargains at Op shops.
My favourite podcast/radio show is: At the moment I am loving The Real Thing podcast which is an ABC radio podcast about ordinary Australians.
I’m currently reading: The History of Love by Nicole Krauss
I’ve just finished watching: The latest season of Hometown which is a home renovation show
My favourite place I’ve ever travelled to is: India. In Particular Ladakh which is in the north, near the border of China. We have been there a number of times to go trekking in the mountains and I recommend it to anyone who loves to trek. I also recently walked the Kumano Kodo in Japan and spent time in Kyoto which was fantastic.
I love to sing loudly along to: … Wow, trying to pick one song is really hard. I love anything by George Michael though. I think singing and dancing is one of the most fun things you can do and it's free!
I love the saying: It's not what we start that matters - it's what we finish.
My super power is: Finding amazing bargains at Op shops.
January 15, 2018 by Obus Clothing

COMMUNITY: Sewing machines for the Women's Empowerment Group


We helped the Women's Empowerment Group at Melbourne's Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (and you can to!)

. . . . . .

The ASRC runs a Women's Empowerment Group (WEG) that meets at least once every week. How cool is this:
'This program supports women seeking asylum to realise their full potential through a range of professional development workshops and activities, including English language classes, education and training and other community-based activities to foster creativity and social engagement. The program also supports our entrepreneurial female members to start up their own businesses as well as running a nine-week ‘Sisterhood Journey’, a self-growth program run in partnership with MIND Australia and the SHINE program in partnership with Hope Inc.'
When Karen from the ASRC got in touch to ask if we could help out with sewing equipment for the WEG, we figured that if anyone could help, we could! We held a drive at the Obus Studio (read: called our mothers and friends), and managed to wrangle quite a collection: five sewing machines, including an overlocker and a leather specialty machine. Obus paid to have these machines checked and serviced, and we recently had the immense pleasure of delivering them to the ASRC.

It was astonishingly wonderful to meet some of the lovely ladies from the group. We were even treated to flowers and the most sensational afternoon-tea, with home-made snacks from India, Ethiopia, the Pacific Islands and more. 
The food was accompanied by some pretty excellent chats in the tea room, and we could tell just how much the group means to these women. They described the ASRC as 'home', and travel from as far as Geelong to get there.
The Women's Empowerment Group is always in need of donations. If you have any excess fabric or sewing equipment, including scissors, thread (sewing and overlocker), pins, snippers and any other sewing paraphernalia that you can spare please contact Karen at The ASRC.
Alternatively, if Footscray is a bit hard to get to, drop your donations at any Obus store and we'll deliver them for you.
We'd like to offer special thanks to Keryn Haberman and Violetta Gordana Mihailovici for their incredibly generous donations, we couldn't have done it without you!

September 25, 2017 by Obus Clothing

Community: Our favourite spots to visit in Northcote

Obus has been a tenant on High St Northcote since 2009, and during that time we've had many wonderful neighbours covering all of our food, coffee, reading, entertainment and gifting needs. 

Let us take you on a trip up the street, and if you visit any of these wonderful establishments, tell them we said hi!

. . . . . . .

Grandfather's Axe

Over the years, we've furnished our stores with bits and pieces from Grandfather's Axe - their selection of Danish and other European mid-century furniture is second to none. Get your hands on an investment piece with history or just visit to admire the modern design nous of yesteryear.

Westgarth Theatre

Nothing beats the proper cinema experience and Westgarth Theatre - with its fabulous tiled floor, well-stocked candy bar and all new film releases - is a great place for date night.

The cinema was officially opened on October 20th, 1921. It's name was derived from that of William Westgarth, a successful English merchant who owned 45 acres of land on the Brunswick side of Merri Creek. There has been some speculation around a refurbishment in 1929 being associated with the famous architect Walter Burley Griffin, but the lack of documentation around the changes mean that we'll likely never know whether he was involved, or if the project was undertaken by a protege of his.

All Are Welcome

As the name suggests, all are welcome to enjoy mouth-watering breads, cakes, treats and coffee at this recently-opened Northcote viennoiserie. Serving Everyday Coffee, All Are Welcome might be your new everyday haunt. 

Boris Portnoy, owner and baker, is a man of great culinary prestige -he was head baker at The Restaurant at Meadowood, a three Michelin Star venue in the Napa Valley. Needless to say, we're never disappointed by the baked treats. The simple, unexpectedly institutional architecture of this ex-Christian science reading room is delightful.

Top of the Hill

Top of the Hill will pique your interest for a light lunch with its streamlined sandwich menu, soup specials, and Noisette pastries. The intimate space with its curved plywood ceiling is perfect for a quick bite.

But our favourite feature of this elegantly warm and simple space is definitely the coffee, speedily brought to you by Top of the Hill's expert baristas and Clement Coffee Roasters. And don't forget to check out the incredibly gorgeous vintage cash register, it's such a rare and ornate design feature.

Pasticceria Bisetto

It's not unusual for someone (read: our resident sugar addict Kitty) to leave the Obus studio for lunch and come back with Pasticceria Bisetto treats to share! Enjoy old-school cakes and delicacies and be sure to take away a selection to enjoy later. Kitty thinks the vanilla slice here may just be the best in Melbourne.

Brown & Bunting

A browse in a secondhand bookshop is always good for the soul (and the budget), and Brown & Bunting is our pick. You'll loose track of time perusing the diverse range of titles here and don't forget to say hi to puss, what a sweetheart!

Big Dreams

Big Dreams is your one stop shop for high-quality kids clothing, shoes, toys, games, puzzles and books. With a selection of locally made and ethically made wares, plus kids stuff that actually looks great, your main question will be: do these come in adult sizes?


The main reason to keep coming back to Ours is that the space (and what's inside it) changes on the regular! Operating as a pop-up retail and gallery space, you never know what delights are (literally) instore.

Recent Ours tenants Two Worlds Collide and Woodbeast.
September 11, 2017 by Kristin Wursthorn
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