At Obus, we’re pretty proud that over 80% of our products are manufactured in Australia.

Our TRAVELLER collection - lightweight basics that you can layer, style up or pair with our other pieces for across the seasons - are made right here in Melbourne. But sewing the garment is only one part of the equation when it comes to clothing.
In the cooler months, many of our TRAVELLERS are made from Extrafine Merino wool which is the warming material we all need at this time of year! After being sourced from New Zealand and Australian farms where possible, the wool is produced for production in Vietnam by a Bluesign® system partner. This means the company producing the wool complies with strict ethical and environmental standards right from the beginning of the manufacturing process.

Bluesign are committed to reducing the air and water emissions caused by the textile industry, as well as regulating labor standards, chemical use and occupational health and safety of its workers. Rigorous tests are performed to ensure a manufacturer’s compliance and maintain their accreditation.
In this day and age, we feel that acting responsibly when it comes to fabric and garment production is the only way to go - and we’re thrilled that our friends at Bluesign can help us achieve this goal. And better yet, when you throw on a merino TRAVELLER layer, you’re reducing the need to turn on the heater and lowering your emissions output too!
Learn more about where Obus clothing and accessories are made here.

July 15, 2017