Say hello to Katie Noonan ~ Obus lover, artistic director, producer and one of Australia’s most beloved female vocalists.

In the spirit of creativity and connection, we chat to Katie about how she's celebrating identity and place through song and how she's using her passion for music and community to bring people together in 2021. 

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 What creative projects have you been working on? 

I am launching a brand new ensemble AVÉ Australian Vocal Ensemble. We are a new a cappella vocal quartet focused on new Australia sounds. Our repertoire, like our Australian culture, will be a unique blend of the old and the new. The OLD will be represented in the glorious spiritual music of the late Renaissance and Baroque - the golden age of vocal polyphonic writing, and the NEW will be modern music of the 20th and 21st Century, with a particular focus on new Australian Music.

Australian Vocal Ensemble

I recently commissioned 12 new pieces from 12 Aussie composers based on the poetry of iconic poet David Malouf. We are also breathing ancient words into ancient music - singing J S Bach in the languages of the country upon which we live - Gubbi Gubbi, Gadigal and Noongar Country. You can read more about us at:

I also started a brand new festival - Sunshine Sounds - 100% Qld, 50% Sunshine Coast, 50% First Nations and 75% Female - huzzah! Our inaugural festival will be held on Gubbi Gubbi Country on the Labour Day weekend May 1, 2 in our beautiful town of Eumundi. You can check it out here:

I am also working on a new album with new band featuring our 15 year old son Dexter on drums (P.S…Yes! Mind blown)! 🤯 You can check his ammmmmmazing drumming out on Insta @dexterhurrendrums.  

 What was the most rewarding? 

To be honest they are all rewarding for different reasons - AVÉ is challenging me a lot musically and I thrive being out of my comfort zone, Sunshine Sounds festival is super rewarding as it is a chance to support my industry and my community, and my new band is feeling super awesome, all the more so as our amazing son Dexter is absolutely slaying as our drummer!

I am also about to announce my 6th year of my free music school for talented young kids in our area - - you can see three of our star students of last year and one of our teachers Shannon Carroll from Band of Frequencies pictured.

 Do you tend to create on the go, be present in the moment, or a combination of the two? 

Ahhhh a combo of two, but I do try and set aside time to be still and  allow the muse to visit.

 What lights you up and brings you joy - big or small?  

My children Dexter (15) and Jonah (14), my hubby Zac and my doggy Sassy the Staffie. She is the best dog in the known universe (of course)! I also really love mentoring young people - which I do largely through my free music school I run called Eumundi School of Rock!

 How has Covid-19 changed your everyday life, and how have you adapted to these challenges? 

It had been extremely challenging, especially from a financial loss point of view. BUT, it has also been a blessing, a chance to focus on gratitude, spend more time with my family and dream up new dreams. You just have to learn to accept that things will be as they will be and do your best. I am an improvising musician and COVID has been like one reallllllllyyyyyy looooonggggg improvised solo! 

 If you're anything like us, we can't wait to get travelling again. What destination is at the top of your bucket list when we can travel again? 

Italy - I absolutely love Italians and la dolce vita xx

 When taking a step back from work, what is your favourite thing to do on a rainy day? 

Cuddle my beautiful doggy Sassy the Staffie, drink tea and read a book. 

 How do you incorporate sustainability into your every day?  

Since moving out of the city with our kids under 2, I have lived on rainwater for 14 years and for many years we lived basically off the grid - no bin collection, no water, solar powered etc. Once I had children I really decided to do what I could to make sustainable decisions in my home and life.

 Which three empowering females would you love to have dinner (or a Zoom date) with and why?  

Well as Obus is a Melb company that and I discovered you through the gorgeous Lady Bowdo wearing your frocks, I would invite all Melb ladies -  Clare Bowditch, Kate Ceberano and Monica Curro. Three amazing Melb based woman who I love - they all have fabulous style, are amazing musicians, dream big dreams and are total badass boss babes. 

 What three words would you use to describe you personal style? 

CCC - Colourful, curvy and comfy! 

 What do you love most about Obus? 

I love your amazing prints and the feel of your beautiful materials. I love that the majority of your products are lovingly made in Melb and that you give back to your community. I am all about community and sharing the good juju and you peeps are a wonderful example of that!

And as a special Easter treat... Katie's curated some of her favourite tunes for you
to enjoy this long weekend ~ up now on Spotify! xx


Katie is a rare songwriter; equally at home leading a symphony orchestra as she is performing in a small jazz club, she has the ability to flourish in any genre – whether that’s in gentle folk storytelling or in the grandiosity of an operatic performance, all while raising her two boys, and supporting her local community in anyway she can.

Instagram: @katie_noonan_music

Other projects:

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April 02, 2021