Dangerous Females is a collective of women fed up with the incidents of men’s violence against women across Australia. They're united in a mission to raise much needed funding for organisations dedicated to supporting victims of violence or abuse.

We're so excited to be joining the fabulous women behind Dangerous Females to offer a beautiful new Limited Edition design to help build awareness and help raise funds for a cause that affects many women across our country.

We chat to Jes, Jas and Cath, the passionate ladies behind this initiative...


This project kicked off for us in 2018 following the horrific attack, rape and murder of Eurydice Dixon, and the subsequent reports that told us it was DANGEROUS to walk home, it was DANGEROUS to wear what we want, and DANGEROUS to be a woman in Australia in 2019. 

We were sick of seeing reports like the story of Eurydice, and the inadvertent victim-blaming that accompanied it, but we were also sick of saying how outraged we were whilst sitting back in the comfort and safety of our homes, so we decided we needed to do something, not continue to actually do nothing.

How do you decide where to donate?

As a Social Worker, Cath has an amazing network of colleagues across the country who recommend deserving charities to us. We also look to support services that provide specific assistance to minority groups who appallingly, are most at-risk of violence and abuse in our community. 

How can our Obus family get involved?

Join our community on instagram where we advocate for self-love, self-care and for women and those in the LGBTIQ+ community to live a life free of violence. 

If you’re in a position to, buy a tee! All profits (100%) from sales of our tees (and other merch) are directed to charities who work tirelessly to deliver front-line support to victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. 

All profits are currently being donated to Brisbane Domestic Violence Service and Lou's Place.

What are you looking for in a collaborating artist?

We see our collaborations not only as a means of offering an alternative to our original DF design, but as an opportunity to showcase and support the artistry of incredible Australian women. We look for artists who are aligned with our values and really want to take tangible action to support women and minorities to live lives free of violence.


How has the global pandemic affected Dangerous Females?

We have had some supply issues which has been disappointing, but realistically out of our control.

Aside from that, the pandemic has made us more motivated than ever. Thinking about those in violent relationships suddenly being in lock-down with their abusers is extremely distressing, particularly as statistics gathered during this time show that those in violent relationships are experiencing an escalation in that violence. 


Let us in on a little secret, what’s on the horizon for DANGEROUS FEMALES? 🤫

We are in the midst of a pandemic, so we aren’t getting too ahead of ourselves, but it is in our plans to become an officially registered Charity. This won’t change the way we work though - we’ll still be 100% volunteer and pass on 100% of profits.

​Special thanks to the DREAM TEAM 🎉

Collaborators: ​@dangerousfemales
Photographer: ​@katelukephotography
​Model: @theperrymooney
HMUA: ​@makemeoverartistry

October 06, 2020