We’ve teamed up with quirky Queensland jewellery co Concrete Jellyfish on a colourful collaboration sure to bring a smile to your face, and your ears! 

Within the collection you’ll find large, wildflowers and kind smiling faces, drawn from prints designed by Kylie and interpreted in Concrete Jellyfish’s signature modern aesthetic.

Obus founder Kylie and collaborating designer Rene Skelton share the process and inspiration behind the capsule collection.

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How did the OBUS x CONCRETE JELLYFISH collaboration come to be?
Rene: Obus and CJ have so many amazing and devoted joint followers, gorgeous people that love both labels for our slow fashion and unique styles. I think slowly but surely our followers both kept hinting (some just requesting haha) at an Obus x CJ collab and we decided to listen. It felt like such a natural fit, and I love Obus.
Kylie: Obus x Concrete Jellyfish is a match made in colour loving, mood enhancing paradise!

What is the inspiration behind the collection? Tell us a little about the process.
Rene: When I was sent the prints and imagery of what was coming for Obus’ winter I was so excited, such a great aesthetic and mix of colour to work with. It just radiates warmth and love.
Whenever I’m designing earrings in collaboration with another designers prints, certain patterns, forms and colours just instantly jump out at me.
Not everything works as an earring and so it’s about mastering the skill of really seeing what shapes sit complimentary on the ear and what works at scale. For me the key to great jewellery is the drama of the form and how it catches your eye.
Kylie: The theme for the Obus winter collection is AWAKEN, and given the uplifting aesthetic of CJ it felt like the perfect place to start.
AWAKEN your senses and take pleasure in the warmth of the Winter sun. It is from a deep slumber we emerge with open eyes and hands, ready and rested. AWAKEN embodies the beauty we’ve found in the familiar and the excitement we feel for the days ahead.
I sent Rene samples of my favourite prints and textures for the season, as well as thoughts on what the collection meant to me. The shapes and motif’s Rene created as a response were perfect.

How would you describe this collaboration?
Rene: Effortless minimalism with a touch of drama.
Kylie: Designing the prints is a large part of my work at Obus, so on a personal level the collaboration feels like the essence of the Obus prints for the season distilled into tiny wearable treasures. On a less personal level I LOVE that the pieces Rene has created radiate such JOY.
Both Obus and Concrete Jellyfish pride themselves on making locally and sustainably wherever possible, how important is this to you as small business owners?
Rene: So important! Crafting by hand and taking the time to create each piece with its own unique pattern, texture and colour ensures that everyone is getting something special. A little handmade token of love. I believe that if someone can really see how much love goes into the making they are more likely to treasure that piece, wear it more often and pass it on.
Appreciated fashion combats the cycle of fast fashion by encouraging more thoughtful and lasting purchases. Small batch colourful wearable art heaven.
Kylie: Gosh it’s almost everything! Just like our customers support us – a small business – we feel proud that we can support small local businesses as well; Our manufacturers are part of the Obus family. Commitment to manufacturing locally and sustainably has a been at the heart of Obus since its beginnings more than 20 years ago, and the two do go hand in hand.
By working with local makers we are able to keep our order quantities small, so garments are not over-produced. Fast fashion is just not our game: It’s not good for the environment nor the soul. We put so much time and effort into designing garments that are well made, that make women feel fantastic, and that will be treasured for many years to come.
What is your favourite piece from the collaboration, and which piece from the Obus winter collection AWAKEN would you style it with? 
Rene: I loooooovvvveeee the hoops. I have been wearing mine on high rotation, they seem to go with everything. That extra contemporary touch to my wardrobe. The AWAKEN DRESS seems to go with it all!
Kylie: I am obsessed with the WILDWOOD EARRING - they are big and beautiful! The flowers have come from one of my favourite Obus floral motif’s and I just love seeing them in this new incarnation. I’ll be wearing these with the soon to launch AFFIRMATION BLOUSE and PANT - this print was a labour of love and I can’t wait to wear it with these beauties.


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June 03, 2021